>> What work do you specialise in?
>> How do I initiate getting your help?
>> Do you offer training services?
>> How long does an investigation typically take?
>> How much do you cost?
>> Are you qualified?

What work do you specialise in?
Capital Workplace Investigations specialises in workplace disputes, misconduct, fraud, code of conduct/disciplinary, training, policy and mediation for the Commonwealth, State and Local Government, Private Sector and NGO's.

 In fact, if you have a workplace issue, call us before you end up in a tribunal or court.

How do I initiate getting your help?
We realise that by the time you call us, you needed us yesterday! 

If you have a staff problem, just call us on 6231 0066 or email info@capitalinvestigations.com.au

We'll get back to you asap. 

Do you offer training services?
Online training, whist time effective, doesn't always suit your workplace situation, yet face to face courses can prove to be onerous on workplace resources.

At Capital Workplace Investigations, we tailor our training to suit your organisational needs. Our suite of training packages includes Fraud awareness, Harassment, Discrimination, Code of Conduct and basic Disciplinary Skills for HR Managers. We also provide governance courses specifically for NGO's.

From as long - day to weekly courses to lunchtime catch-ups, call us to discuss your training needs.

How long does an investigation typically take?
It all depends on the type of investigation, the amount of people to speak to and their cooperation in the process.

At Capital Workplace Investigations, we scope all investigations and give you an investigation plan with a suggested timeline.

We also give you regular updates so you are never left wondering what is happening.



How much do you cost?
Each investigation cost is unique. We scope every investigation and give you an all inclusive estimate of fees. We have no hidden changes or extra fees that you weren't expecting.

Are you qualified?
Investigators, at a minimum, should hold a Certificate 3 in Investigations (Government). Jo holds an Advance Diploma of Government (Management), Certificate 4 Investigations, Certificate 3 Investigations, Cert 4 Training and Assessment as well as Investigator Training (AFP) designated Detective AFP and was a Lecturer at the Centre for Investigative Studies and Crime Reduction (CSU) School of Policing Studies (CSU), Academic Co ordinator National Strategic Intelligence Course and Trainer, AFP Police College (Federal Agents/Investigators). Jo was also a founder of Wise Workplace managing and conducting hundreds of workplace investigations.

Craig holds Cert 4 Investigation (Government), Cert 4 Investigations (Fraud), Investigator/Detectives Training (AFP) and designated Detective AFP. Craig taught at the School of Policing Studies (CSU) and AFP Police College. He was a senior investigator in the APS specialising in fraud and misconduct. He also wrote and delivered Fraud Awareness Training to the APS and to Indigenous Community Organisations. Craig was the Senior Investigator for Wise Workplace and specialised in complex intelligence led investigations, fraud and Indigenous issues.


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